FC now available at….


…in Berlin, Germany

Moog Audio

…in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

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Raging Bull, System X S/H Noise, Ultra Wave – DIY release!

I’m excited to announce that these three modules are in stock and available as PCB/panel combos for DIYers. Please bear with me while I get the build docs done, which should be online within a couple of days from today.

Raging PCBpanelNoise PCBpanelUltra PCBpanel

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New for March 2014

Four new modules are due to be released as completed modules and DIY projects this month:

New FC March 2014

Multipoles: passive multiples with LEDs to show +ve and -ve going signals

Ultra Wave: fully pimped out Wave Runner LFO with CV of everything.

System X S/H Noise: Roland 100M sample/hold and noise, with additional CV mixer and gated lag.

Raging Bull: Moog Taurus MkI VCF/VCA clone.

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Trans Europa released – module and DIY

Trans Europa is a CV processor/generator module powered by Electric Druid code exclusive to Frequency Central, with a number of unique features:

• Octave switching over 9 octaves
• Voltage controlled octave switching, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
• Semitone transposition over 1 octave
• Voltage controlled semitone transposition, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
• 8 Modes (see below)
• Glide feature, which can be applied either manually or by external gate.
• CV thru, you can patch a 1V/oct voltage source in Trans Europa’s Input, it will be replicated at the Output, with the benefit that all Trans Europa’s features can be applied.

Trans Europa 01TE DIY0001FC-Trans-Europa-02-RENDER


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FC modules now in stock at MeMe Antenna

New Yorkers today woke up to the opportunity to check out FC modules in the flesh with our new and exclusive East Coast  distributor MeMe Antenna!



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Wave Runner and Loop/Env Generator PCB/PIC/panel sets are in stock for DIYers…

…and available for immediate shipping. I’m busy writing the build docs as we speak.

Wave Runner: PCB £12 GBP; 4 HP panel £12 GBP; PIC £8 GBP.

Loop/Env Generator: PCB £15 GBP; 10HP panel £15 GBP; PIC £5 GBP

Waverunner DIY Loopenv DIY

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Wave Runner LFO finally gets real!

WRmod01 WRmod02

Well, almost ready to go! PCBs are in, panels on the way, coding finished.

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Wave Runner and Trans Europa panel designs…

FC-Wave_Runner-04-RENDER FC-Trans-Europa-02-RENDER

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Now available at…

FC modules now available at Escape From Noise in Sweden and Perfect Circuit Audio in CA, USA:



EFN PClogo


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Trans Europa and Wave Runner PCBs on order…

I’ve just ordered the first batch of the long awaited Trans Europa and Wave Runner projects, should be available to you within a couple of weeks. Wanna know what they do?

Trans Europa is a multi-functional CV processor, transposer, arpeggiator, slew module…developed in collaboration with Electric Druid. It has octave and semitone knobs, both of which are under voltage control, so you can use Trans Europa as a quick easy way to select octaves and intervals on your VCOs, or you can use it under voltage control to select octave and intervals. Arpeggiations are easily acheivable. Furthermore, the Mode control allows you to select 8 different scales for the interval CV input. There’s also Glide onboard, again under voltage control. Module will be 10HPMore to follow…

TransEuropa Top

Wave Runner is another collaboration with Electric Druid, this time a variation on the TAPLFO2 LFO, this version of the PIC is called TAPLFO2D-FC and includes 8 waveforms and some nifty new features. Module will be 4HP.

Waverunner LFO Top

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