FC Power DIY

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FC Power works from a 12VAC wallwart and provides ~500mA at +/-12V, ~100mA at 5V (optional). Dead simple to build and based on easily sourced and inexpensive parts. You can also choose to built it as a +/-15V supply with minor component changes.

You can plug it into a single module for testing purposes, or break out the power to a Doepfer bus board, Tiptop flying bus board, or DIYed stripboard bus board.


Dimensions of the PCB are 110mm x 42mm. Height of a completed unit is 30mm.

The perfect solution for:

  • bench test supply
  • small self contained synth projects
  • skiffs
  • etc. etc. etc. !!

Also check out our Microbus, it’s basically an FC power combined with a busboard.

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FC Power PCB: £10 GBP

FC Power Build Doc

Visual Build Guide

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FC Power now featured in Look Mum No Computer’s cases: