System X Envelope

I’m happy to announce the second module in my Roland System 100M clone series, the System X Envelope on 4HP. Includes the addition of a range switch for fast/slow response. Even snappier than a crocodile sandwich.

Here’s an example of my forthcoming Vogue VCF/VCA being modulated by a System X Envelope:

Vogue Soundclip 01

What you say:

“I received my System X Envelopes on Friday, just tried them out this weekend, they are without a doubt the best envelopes I’ve ever used.”

“I am telling you Rick, best envelopes in Eurorack by a bloody long mile!”

“I just got the FC System X Envelopes in this afternoon. I’m pretty much in love with them.”

“The System X Envelopes are super snappy and responsive, maybe the most of any Euro
ADSR I’ve played yet.” 

“It kills other ADSR’s then dresses inappropriately at their funerals.”

“They kick ass!”

Price: £100 GBP plus shipping

Wiggler thread is here.

For orders and queries please contact me at:

[email protected]