Continuum II Phaser DIY

Continuum has it’s roots in my previous guitar effects pedal designs. First there was Causality 4, then Causality 6, then Gemini Dual Core.

Continuum looks and acts rather like a VCF, in fact that’s exactly what a phaser is, an all-pass VCF. There’s far more to phasers than just sweeps up and down from an LFO, so Continuum has two CV inputs, so you can use a variety of CV sources simultaneously.


The topology of Continuum is 4 swept OTA all-pass filter stages with a fixed all-pass filter stage either side of the swept core. There’s a switch to select regen over odd or even stages. Most phasers stick to odd stages, but there are undiscovered sonic possibilities using even stages of regen.


Continuum is now a 2 PCB set and skiff-friendly, a tasty PCB sandwich no less! One PCB holds the main circuit, the other all panel components (pots/sockets/switch). The two PCBs are joined by male/female headers The new version is on RED PCB stock (the old version being a GREEN PCB).

Continuum II Phaser PCB set: £20 GBP

Continuum II Phaser panel (12HP): £15 GBP

Build documentation for Continuum II (RED PCBs): Continuum II Rev3 Build Doc

Build documentation for the older version (GREEN PCB): Continuum Rev2 Build Doc

For orders and queries please contact me at:

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