System X Filter 2.0 DIY

The classic Roland 100M VCF redesigned to use 2 x LM13700. The LM13700’s internal buffers are not used, instead FETs are used as per Roland. Project includes the addition of 12dB/oct output in addition to the stock 24dB/oct lowpass. The PCB is designed to fit nicely into your Euro system. PCBs and finished front panels are available from myself.

System X Filter VCF PCB set: £20 GBP

System X Filter VCF panel (10HP): £15 GBP

Build documentation: System X Filter 2.0 Build Doc


Build documentation for older version: System X Filter Build Doc

For orders and queries please contact me at:

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Link to System X Filter 2.0 on Ebay: System X Filter 2.0