Waverider VCDO MkII DIY

Electric Druid’s new VDCO PIC packaged into an easy build module with tons of features: CV’d interpolating waveforms, CV’d subosc waveforms and octaves, CV’d glide, CV’d bitcrushing and more!



Waverider is now a 2 PCB set and skiff-friendly, a tasty PCB sandwich no less! One PCB holds the main circuit, the other all panel components (pots/sockets/LED). The two PCBs are joined by male/female headers The new version is on RED PCB stock (the old version being a GREEN PCB).

Waverider PCB set + PIC: £30 GBP

Waverider panel (14HP): £20 GBP

Build Documenation for Waverider VCDO MkII (RED PCBs): Waverider VCDO MkII Build Doc

Build Documentation for the older version (GREEN PCBs): Waverider Build Doc

Waverider User Guide

For orders and queries please contact me at:

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