EU Synth DIY

A range of projects with professionally fabbed PCBs and panels. Click on the modules below for the lowdown on each project.

System X modules:

Roland 100M VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR, S/H Noise, CV Mixer clones.


Audio Processors

Continuum II Phaser, Electro Cardiogram, Meth Amp, Raging Bull, State 700 and Vogue VCF/VCA.

scan0008ECG RED DIYMeth Amp0001Raging PCBpanelState PpVogue DIY


Electric Druid collaborations:

Loop/Env Generator, Trans Europa, Ultra Wave LFO, Wave Runner LFO, Waverider VCDO MkII.

Loopenv PCB panelTE DIY0001Ultra PCBpanelscan0005scan0002

Jetroid Collaborations

Bartos Flur, Chronograf and Polygraf.


Utilities: FC Power, Multipoles, Pocket Calculator

FC Power PCB Rev2 Multipoles PCBpanelPC Pp

They’re all super easy to build and sounding great. PCBs are ALWAYS in stock. Panel availability may vary, but I’m trying to keep them constantly in stock!

  • Please note that Frequency Central PCBs for DIYers have the little white snap-off triangle removed at the corner of the PCB.
  • Please note that Frequency Central panels for DIYers feature reversed ‘Frequency Central’ logo.

Any questions? Contact me at:

[email protected]