Loop/Env Generator DIY

The LOOP/ENV is a Voltage controllable and very flexible ADSR module. It’s based around the Electric Druid LOOPENV1 PIC, which is a digital clone of CEM 3312 / SSM 2056.

It offers CV Control over the envelopes complete time, Positive, Negative and Bi-Polar  Outputs.

It is switchable between Linear and Exponential curves and can either be used as a traditional ADSR or in LOOP mode can function like an LFO (the different outputs come in very handy here especially the +/-), it can also go well up into the audio range in this mode.

LE Gen 01Loopenv PCB panel

Loop/Env Generator PCB + PIC: £20 GBP

Loop/Env Generator panel (10HP): £15 GBP

Loop/Env Generator build doc: Loop/Env Build Doc

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