System X Oscillator

Frequency Central “System X Oscillator”

Based on the Roland 100M VCO, modified for Euro. Features simultaneous sawtooth, square and triangle outputs as well as both soft and hard sync. PWM from 50/50 to 90/10. Range pot is coarse tuning, Pitch pots is fine tune. You can dial in ultra low frequency oscillations (1 minute 20 seconds!) for use as an LFO, or go right up to supersonic range and beyond (over 100,000kHz)!

SysXO Front

More soundclips pending, but here’s a taster using a single VCO together with the other System X modules:


Module width: 10HP
Module depth: 60mm
Current draw: +10ma/-10ma

Price: £160 GBP plus shipping

For orders and queries please contact me at:

[email protected]