System X is rounding out nicely.

My modules based on the Roland System 100M are going from strength to strength. Already available are System X Envelope and System X Filter. I’ll soon be adding System X Amplifier (VCA) and System X Oscillator (VCO) to complete the System X ‘voice’.

So, as well as individual modules, I’m thinking of doing a ‘voice panel’ – fully modular, but on a single mahoosive panel. So what do you think in terms of architecture?

Either, single oscillator mono: VCO – VCF – VCA – ADSR

Or, dual oscillator mono: VCO x2 – VCF – VCA – ADSR x 2

Anyway, here’s the prototypes of the single modules, I’ll be releasing these as time allows, and when I get my first batches of panels fabbed.


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