New Year = New Modules!

I’ll be adding quite a few new modules to the stable soon. These three will be available as soon as I receive my new shipment of panels in January, the first batch are going to Equinoxoz:

System X Envelope (Roland 100M ADSR) on 4HP panel.

Waverider Digital VCO (Electric Druid wavetable oscillator) on 14HP panel.

Continuum Phase Shifter (Euro version of my Causality/Gemini phaser) on 10HP panel.

Furthermore, got another three new ones due for release in February:

System X Amplifier (Roland 100M VCA) on 10HP panel.

Bullwhip Filter (Moog Taurus MkI VCF clone) on 10HP panel.

Vogue VCF/VCA (Moog Rogue VCF/VCA clone) on 10HP panel.



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