Obsession prototype ‘blow-out’ deal!

There’s been a lot of interest in my Obsession amp, so much so that I’ve had to have a re-think, I’ve decided to start building these amps for sale – but with a few changes. As you may have read on the Custom Amplifiers page, the prototype was a really time consuming build, mostly because it’s such a tight squeeze to shoehorn everything into the case – so I’m gonna be building them in a slightly bigger case to ease up the build process. First ones should be ready in about 4 weeks.

So – as a one-off special I’m offering the original prototype that you see pictured below for the ‘blow-out’ deal price of £200 plus shipping. I have vowed never to build another in the original sized case, so the prototype – aside from being pure art – is truely unique. Act fast if you want it – it’ll go quick judging by the interest I’ve already had. SOLD

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