CEMosc has arrived…..

CEMosc is here, a stable AS3340 based VCO which tracks beautifully, and is feature rich. Easy to build and calibrate too.

CEMosc features:

  • Onboard voltage regulation for tuning and tracking stability
  • A rotary octave switch as well as a fine tune knob
  • Both manual PW as well as PWM are available
  • Linear and Exponential FM inputs, each with attenuators
  • Both soft and hard sync
  • Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse outputs

CEMosc assembled module: £160 GBP


CEMosc PCB set and AS3340: £20 GBP

CEMosc panel (10HP): £15 GBP

CEMosc build doc

CEMosc schematic

For orders and queries please contact me at:

[email protected]

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