Whiteface! ARP 4023 VCF clone!

Whiteface is based on the legendary ARP4023 VCF module often found in the “whiteface” ARP Odyssey Mk1.

Whiteface PCB set and panel £30 GBP

Whiteface assembled module: £140 GBP

Build doc for DIYers: Whiteface Build Document

For orders and queries please contact me at:

[email protected]

I’ve engineered out the rare parts and the need for matched transistors for the CV input section by using a Roland style circuit there instead, no change to the vibe though! The audio path remains pure ARP, with one exception. Built stock from the schematic, the resonance would clip like a motherfucker above 3 o’clock, in a way which is neither musical or desirable. I’ve come across a couple of other versions which have this ‘don’t turn it up past 8’ trait. I’ve engineered that out – a single resistor values change. Now resonance is usable and musical over the entire range. As we’re bringing part of a hardwired synth to modular, it’s also necessary to buffer the output. I’ve used an inverting buffer, which also adds a bit of gain to bring it up to modular levels. A nice side effect of the inverting buffer is that if you mix the input signal with the filter output, and find the sweet spot, you can do highpass filtering too!
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